Jurnecka Creations
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Oakland, CA


Corset Styles and Prices

  Jurnecka Creations offers corsets in a variety of styles, ranging from the historically accurate 18th century Marie Antoinette to the modern hybrid, the Elizabeth. Since no two bodies are alike, having a corset custom-made is the key to obtaining a garment that will fit comfortably.

  All Jurnecka Creations corsets are constructed with steel boning and lined with cotton. With proper care, your corset can provide years of wearing pleasure. Since each garment is made to your specifications, you are given utmost flexibility in selecting your fabric, colors, and desired embellishments.
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Valentine Edwardian

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Underbust Edwardian

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Price: $340.00 Price: $295.00

  Price: back lacing $385.00
  Price: with front busk $395.00

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Valentine Victorian

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Pointed Victorian

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Underbust Victorian

Price: $340.00 Price: $295.00

Price: $295.00

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Scarlett O'Hara

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18th Century
Marie Antoinette

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Waist Cincher

Price: $340.00 Price: $375.00 Price: $285.00

All corsets are lined in cotton and include a boned back protector.
Personal fitting recommended for all styles.
For costumes, bridal ensembles or special outfits, please inquire.

Additional options

Detachable shoulder straps $35.00
Straps from corset to collar $35.00
Simple garters, per pair $10.00
With ribbon covers $15.00
With ruching and ribbon covers $25.00
Garment leather from $100.00
Novelty, embossed, metallic or patent leather ask
Second tone garment leather $50.00
PVC $75.00
Lace overlay, complete $75.00
Partial $50.00
Ruffled or pleated lace bottom trim $50.00
Outside boning casings, same or contrasting fabric $65.00
Contrasting top/bottom trim $20.00
Brocade (non-silk) $35.00
silk Ask
D-rings, each $3.50
Metallic trims, braids, sequins, ect. Ask
Extra long (center front busk longer than 12”) $20.00
In leather $50.00
Uncorseted waist 34” to 38” $50.00 extra
Uncorseted waist over 38” $60.00 extra
Double boning $75.00

To complete your ensemble

Ballgown skirt (any length, not including fabric) $200.00
   Ordered with corset $175.00
Gauntlets $100.00
      Ordered with corset $ 75.00
Collar $100.00
       Ordered with corset $ 75.00
G-String $ 40.00
       Ordered with corset $ 30.00
Cuffs $50.00
       Ordered with corset $35.00